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Reasons for nutrient deficiency

There are many different reasons for nutrient deficiency. For example:

  • Unfavourable weather conditions may inhibit the absorbtion, transport and processing of nutrients.
  • An unbalanced supply of certain nutrients reduces the absorbtion of other elements.
  • Certain growth stages in the life of a cultivated plant require particularly high and often quite specific levels of nutrients. Also, an adequate supply of nutrients obtained through the roots is not guaranteed because of nutritional problems of a physiological nature.
  • Even though fertilizer applied to the soil may be correctly calculated, in many cases, the plant may still suffer a nutrient deficiency, although the symptoms may often be invisible ( a so-called latent deficiency) .This can result in a considerable reduction in yield.

In the above cases, foliar nutrition is an excellent and cost effective method of ensuring the plant receives a balanced supply of nutrients, because the leaves quickly absorb the nutrients which are directly available to the plant.