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Foliar Nutrition
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Trace element deficiency table
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Trace element deficiency table

Alfalfa Low Medium Medium Medium High High
Apples High - High Low Medium High
Asparagus Low Medium Low Low Low Low
Barley Medium High Medium Low High Low
Beans High High High Low Low Low
Broccoli - High Medium Medium Medium Medium
Cabbage - Medium Medium High Medium High
Carnation Low Low Low High High Medium
Carrots Low - Medium Low High Medium
Cauliflower - High Medium High Medium High
Celery - - Medium Low Medium High
Chrysanthemum Low Medium Medium Low High Medium
Clover Medium - Medium High Medium Medium
Cotton High - - Low Medium Medium
Cucumber Low - High Medium Medium High
Grapefruit High High High Medium High Medium
Grapes Low High High Low - Medium
Lettuce Low - High High High Medium
Maize High Medium Low Low Medium Low
Oats Low Medium High Medium High Low
Orange High High High Medium High Medium
Peaches High - High Low Medium Medium
Pears Medium - - Low Medium Medium
Peas Low - High Medium Low Low
Potato Medium - Medium Low Low Low
Radish - - High Medium Medium Medium
Raspberries - High High Low - Medium
Rice Medium High Medium Low Low Low
Roses - High High Low - High
Sorghum High High High Low Medium Low
Soybean Medium High High Medium Low Low
Spinach - High High High High Medium
Strawberries - High High - Medium Medium
Sweetcorn High Medium Medium Low Medium Low
Tomato Medium High Medium Medium Medium High
Turnip - - Medium Medium Medium High
Wheat Low Low High Low High Low