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Other phenomena that affect the absorbition of nutrients IONS


Antagonism is the phenomenon whereby the effect of one nutrient ion reduces the effect of another.
This mostly happens at the uptake stage when the plant absorbs certain nutrients of a similar chemical property, or by the same mechanism, and one nutrient displaces another.
OK, Ca, and Mg are to be rated alike from the biochemical aspect regarding their volume and behaviour in the soil as in the plant, so these ions impede one another in the uptake and translocation of nutrients in the plant.
The same applies to Fe, Mn and Zn which also compete with each other for the nutrient uptake into the plant.


Fixation is the conversion of mobile nutrients into an immobile form, which is not available to the plant.
The pH of the soil can affect this and many farmers have seen how phosphorus (P) is fixed in acid soils through the formation of insoluble aluminium or ion phosphates.
An excess supply of the same nutrients can also cause other elements to be fixed.