Natural Indian hair care products




Indian Hair Grower (Adults) - 100ml
Indian Hair Grower is an old Indian herbal remedy that helps promote the growth of hair and helps make hair thicker, longer and stronger while eliminating dandruff and preventing hair from breaking and splitting. As it is made from only natural ingredients, this product is not harmful or damaging to your hair. Contains Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil & Rosemary Oil.





Indian Hair Grower (Kids) - 100ml
Essential Care for Your Hair. With the same benefits as the Adult Hair Grower, this product is specially formulated for children. As it is made from natural ingredients, it will not irritate or harm the eyes or skin and is gentle enough for everyday use.





Indian Herbal Shampoo - 250ml
Salon Approved. This shampoo, which is protein enriched and PH balanced, will gently cleanse your hair. A rich blend of herbal extracts and proteins also ensures that you have soft, manageable and healthy hair.

Indian Herbal Conditioner - 250ml
Salon Approved. After using Indian Herbal Shampoo, apply this conditioner to ensure healthy and strong hair. The unique blend of herbal extracts and proteins will strengthen your hair while keeping it soft, preventing your hair from breaking and preventing split ends.



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