iQhwa Vanishing Cream - 50ml

Using an old fashioned proven formula, this non-greasy cream is similar to Snow White Vanishing Cream and is used to mask, soften and tone the skin. It can also be used to soothe razor burn, sunburn and other similar skin injuries. Like all of our other skin care products, they are based soley on vegetable oils and DO NOT contain any animal by-products whatsoever.

The wisdom of African ancestry is reflected in this authentic African product tried, trusted and produced by Africans in Africa. The proven formula of Iqhwa Vanishing Cream was developed in Africa almost 60 years ago. It was created specifically for darker complexions to soothe and brighten the skin, remove excess oil and mask blemishes. In Africa, it is used by all members of the family. Men use it after shaving for instant relief of razor burn. Women use it on the face, neck and shoulders. The finest ingredients are combined in this non-greasy formula, allowing the subtle fragrance to compliment other creams and cosmetics.

Iqhwa means snow in isiZULU.

Our "tried and trusted" beauty products are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.

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