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Trelmix - The Solution for Healthy Plant Growth
Trelmix Trace Element Mixture is a micro-element compound that contains all 6 micro-elements, plus magnesium, essential for the growth of all trees, shrubs, potplants, lawns, vegetables and seedlings. They act like the vitamins in your body to increase growth, vigour and resistance to disease, producing more robust plants which will flower and set fruit more prolifically. Trelmix benefits grasses by improving colour and encouraging growth by balancing their nutrient intake. The perfect solution for golf courses and bowling greens.

Available in: 200ml; 1L; 5L and 25L bottles.
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What is Trelmix?


Trace elements are essential for normal plant growth, despite being needed in small quantities. Often, these elements have been removed from the soil by intensive farming, or are no longer available due to years of fertilizer and lime application. In these cases, the application of trace elements such as those in TRELMIX TRACE ELEMENT SOLUTION can produce healthy plants which show dramatic increases in growth.

Modern potting media and seedling mixes are generally made of sterile bark. These media are particularly deficient in trace elements. Even when added by the manufacturer, they may be rapidly washed out during watering. Thus, repeated application of TRELMIX TRACE ELEMENT SOLUTION is essential for the healthy growth of pot plants, seedlings and tunnel grown plants. Plants grown with an adequate supply of trace elements will be larger, more robust, will flower and set fruit more prolifically and will be more resistant to diseases.

A healthy plant does not demand the attention that a starved one does, but will far more readily earn it's keep! Bowling greens and golf courses are subject to heavy wear and are particularly prone to grass diseases such as "dollar spot", which can be transferred from country to country and green to green on the unsuspecting shoes of the visiting players. TRELMIX TRACE ELEMENT SOLUTION added to the greenkeeper's normal spraying programme will keep the grass healthy and better equipped to fend off disease.

 The term trace element is, for all practical purposes, interchangeable with the terms micro-nutrient and micro-element.
 Refer to Section 4 for a detailed account of plant nutrients.


TRELMIX Formulation

22,6g Fe/kg 21,3g Fe/L
3,2g Cu/kg 3,0g Cu/L
2,9g Mn/kg 2,7g Mn/L
2,4g Zn/kg 2,3g Zn/L
1,1g B/kg 1,0g B/L
0,3g Mo/kg 0,3g Mo/L
0,3g Mg/kg 0,3g Mg/L

TRELMIX TRACE ELEMENT SOLUTION is a concentrated, balanced trace element mixture suitable for the correction of trace element deficiencies in:

  • pot plants
  • hydroponics
  • shrubs
  • ornamentals
  • vegetables
  • fruit trees
  • golf course greens
  • bowling greens
  • lawns

TRELMIX TRACE ELEMENT SOLUTION must be used in addition to NPK fertilizer programmes.

TRELMIX TRACE ELEMENT SOLUTION is water-soluble and is easy to apply as a foliar spray or directly to the roots as a drench.

is readily absorbed by the plant
corrects chlorosis (yellowing), blotching and stunting
assists the plant in resisting disease
promotes plant respiration and photosynthesis
can be applied simultaneously with most insecticidal sprays

Foliar Spray
Mix 1 teaspoon (5ml) in 5 litres of water. Utilization of a wetting agent is advantageous.
Spray over foliage until leaves are wet; if possible, wet underside of leaves as well.
Repeat every week; apply more often to deficient plants.
Apply early morning or late afternoon when plant leaves are most receptive.

Soil Drench
Mix 1 teaspoon (5ml) in 1 litre of water.
Apply to soil around plant.
Repeat every week.


TRELMIX TRACE ELEMENT SOLUTION is available from leading nurseries, garden centres, hardware stores and co-ops in 200ml, 1 litre, 5 litre and 25 litre bottles.
For further information on Trace Elements and Foliar Nutrition click here


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